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infra red transmission system at work
Silent sound for an event for LIFT at the British Museum

As a company M&R are transmission specialists and are always interested in solving communication or sound problems that cannot be met by conventional systems. An example is in fitness centres where specific music is to be played to individual clients; here 16 channel infrared systems can accommodate a large number of different music or instruction tracks going to a variable number of listeners and the tracks can be changed at anytime.

An infrared system allows people on the move to listen to individual sound tracks within selected areas. The advantage of infrared or radio over cable systems is that the listener does not need to be static.

At M&R we enjoy solving problems, like how to instruct a group of children doing a TV shoot silently, by modifying the tour guide system or like how to give an orchestra a silent timing tape for a difficult new piece, by using infrared single earpiece receivers. We try to combine quality sound, discretely delivered in situations where amplified all round sound is unsuitable or impossible. Ask us if you have a problem.


M&R - simultaneous translation and interpretation specialists